Clancy Carroll Discog

Clancy Carroll Discography


The Ones                                                                            Tightrope/Short Dress 45             Blue Ribbon BRR 115        1980

The Dominoes                                                                   Lies/I'll Keep You In Stitches/       New Deal                            1982

                                                                                             Local Disaster 45

Clancy Carroll                                                                     Honesty 12" ep                               New Deal NDR-007          1985

3 on Fire                                                                              How Many, How Long/                  TOF-1                                 1988

                                                                                              All Too Blue 45

c2                                                                                           Blood/Wheel of Fortune 45         SPL-000                              5/93

c2                                                                                           Cold & Bitter/Sweat on                 SPL-003                              5/94

                                                                                              Ground Up cd   

Drop                                                                                     Covered By an Underground        SPL-009                              10/95

                                                                                              Umbrella/ They All Say 45

The Dominoes                                                                    Lies on Great Lost Brew                 Blackhole                           1997

                                                                                              Wave CD                                             

The Dominoes                                                                    Lies on History in 3 Chords CD      SPL-014/015                      5/01

The Dominoes                                                                    s/t CD                                                 SPL-021                              5/12

3 On Fire                                                                             Neo-Smorgasbord CD                      SPL-022                              5/12

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