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Super crazy modern yet killer retro vintage. Yes, these are our latest releases....collect 'em all!


The Prosecutors- s/t  (SPL-023)                                   

Milwaukee's three-chord heroes, The Prosecutors were Kevn Kinney of drivin' n' cryin's first band. From 1980-1983, Kevn cut his songwriting and performing teeth in the band with bassist Doug LaValliere (brother of the Haskels/Oil Tasters' Richard LaValliere and Haskels/Dominoes' Gerard LaValliere) and drummer James "Tess" Tessier. They played the now iconic Starship nightclub and other Milwaukee punk/postpunk era clubs along with other legendary MidWest haunts until the band ran out of steam in1983. At that point Kevn decided to seek out warmer climates and a more receptive audience in Atlanta. Almost 30 years later drivin' n' cryin' still perform some of the Prosecutors' classics including "Acceleration", "Brute Force" and "Moon Shot".

This self-titled retrospective was assembled and released for the Prosecutors recent reunion as part of the "No Moment of Silence" event at Milwaukee's Miramar Theater. The CD includes:

  • All tracks from the Prosecutors' 1982 "I've Got A Message" 45
  • All of the band's studio recordings
  • Tracks recorded live at the Starship in 1981 and 1982
  • Kevn's first multitrack demo recording, "Acceleration"
  • "Love Another" from Doug and Tess' post-Prosecutors band, the Deadbeats
  • "Prosecutor's Prose", recently recorded by Kevn

This limited edition release brought to you by Splunge Communications, Inc., a Milwaukee based independent record label. Contact us at 414-218-4075 for more information.

The Dominoes- s/t (SPL-021)

Milwaukee's Dominoes....1980-1982. Gerard LaValliere/Clancy Carroll/Bobby Mitchell/Mike Farrow. Post- Haskels/Ones

23 tracks in all: the entire "Lies" e.p., the legendary 4-track demos and basement/live tracks.

3 on Fire- "Neo-Smorgasbord" (SPL-022)

Milwaukee's own...1987-1992 Clancy Carroll/ Fred Fischer/Bill Stace. Ex- Ones/Dominoes/Exploded View/Amadots/Dark Facade

17 tracks from the 3 on Fire vaults: Smart Studio sessions, basement demos, live cuts, Walls Have Ears recordings.

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