The only label with a brain

Dearest interwebbers: thank you so much for coming to visit the land of Splunge Communications, Inc! We are a multinational agency focused on issuing the bestest in punk/underground/altrock/freethinking music and other goodies from the post-industrial heartland epicenter of Milwaukee,Wisconsin, USA.

Splunge circa 21st Century has released full length collections of material from the Prosecutors, Dominoes, 3 on Fire and the seminal "History in Three Chords- Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973-1982" compilation. Milwaukee's scene from that era is criminally far! There is plenty more to come from us and our friends, just check out our Boss-Ass Links for more info.

20th Century Splunge did our thing in the glorious 1990's with releases from killers like Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs, Fuckface, and Triple Forbidden Taboo. Some of these artifacts are still available for purchase. Pretty please see our Past Releases page.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, rants, thoughts, swag, purchases and love. Dig it.


Clancy Carroll
King and CEO
Splunge Communications, Inc.
P.O Box 71227
Milwaukee WI 53211

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