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Limited Edition Release

Ladies and Gentlemen: we present for your listening pleasure — worker's rock and roll — The Haskels — Unsung heroes of Milwaukee's original punk era. 

Hearing  this artifact of the original Midwest first-wave punk era is akin to  finding a treasure buried amongst shards of glass in the sands of time.  Meticulously restored from the original, never-before-mixed master  tapes, The Haskels lost studio album, recorded on one cold October day  in 1979 at Milwaukee's soon-to-close Solar Studios, should set the  record straight on perhaps the most important lost gem of the era  birthed from the Midwest, US, or otherwise worldwide. 

Their  sound was a combination melded from the roots/glam/Detroit-inspired,  naive retro pop sound of godfather/scenester Presley Haskel and Richard  LaValliere's surreal dream-based narrative genius compositions, fleshed  out by Gerard LaValliere's precise guitar attack and Guy Hoffman's  unorthodox but dance-inducing beats. The band's chops as well as their  charisma carried the day, as they filled clubs and held court at the  Haskel Hotel, their headquarters in the run-down Brady Street area of  Milwaukee's lower East side. 

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About Us

Clancy Carroll, King and CEO


Clancy Carroll is a musician, Splunge Communications Inc record label owner and  music writer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His past bands including  Ozone, the Ones, the Dominoes, the Clancy Carroll Band, 3 On Fire, c2,  and AlNiCo have released numerous 45s, EPs, CDs, and compilation  tracks.  As King and CEO of Splunge Communications, Inc., he has  released records by the likes of the Prosecutors, Triple Forbidden  Taboo, Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaohs and Fuckface, as well as  the double-CD compilation History in 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative  Bands 1973-1982.  Carroll has written record reviews, reviewed live  shows and conducted interviews for Autonomy, Milwaukee’s first punk fanzine; Express; and Milk magazine, in which “Clancy’s Kookie Corner”  was a reader’s favorite.

Jeff Menz, Marketing and Design


Jeff Menz is a musician / designer based in Milwaukee, WI.  His past bands include Remnants, C.I.A. (Cast in Action), The Tambours, Kafka, Among Thorns,  Fourth Live Mission, and Morgana's Charm.  He has worked on marketing, design and managing music projects with Clancy Carroll for over 20 years,  beginning in 1999, when History in 3 Chords (SPL-014/015)  was just an idea, and numerous Splunge Communications, Inc projects since then. Outside of his work with Clancy Carroll, he has completed other marketing, design and mastering projects with a focus on Milwaukee music.