Suggested Links

Milwaukee / Wisconsin Music

Milwaukee Rock Posters.  Milwaukee punk/alt/underground/indie band history from our friends at Push Button Gadget. The site includes a tab for Radio Podcast of Milwaukee related music in a joint partnership with WMSE.

Wisconsin Punk Discography

MKEPunk.  Downloadable Milwaukee Punk

Drivin' n Cryin'.  Kevn Kinney was in the Milwaukee punk band The Prosecutors in the early 1980s.  He moved to Georgia in the mid-1980s where he formed Drivin' n Cryin', which continues to turn out great music.

Brick Through The Window

Brick Through the Window is a book focusing on an account of the Milwaukee scene from the  musicians, artists and fans that made it happen. It chronicles a small  number of people who made history in a setting that produced  internationally recognized bands such as The Violent Femmes, Die  Kreuzen, Plasticland and Oil Tasters. Nothing came easily for  Milwaukee’s first wave of punks.

Milwaukee Radio

WMSE Radio 91.7FM has been the premier source for diverse music programming in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1981 and has long had a focus on Milwaukee music.

88Nine Radio is a newer station, by comparison to WMSE, that has a focus on the local music scene.

Record Stores

A number of local and regional stores with a history of supporting Milwaukee music.                                         

Rushmor Records

Bullseye Records

ACME Records

Exclusive Company

Rerun Records