The Haskels
Richard LaValliere
Oil Tasters


Meticulously restored from the original, never-before- mixed master tapes, The Haskels lost studio album, recorded on one cold October day in 1979 at Milwaukee's soon-to-close Solar Studios, should set the record straight on perhaps the most important lost gem of the era birthed from the Midwest, US, or otherwise worldwide. 

The LPs are pressed on black vinyl as well as a Limited Edition of 100 hand numbered Hot Pink vinyl.  All LPs include a two sided 12”x24” insert and a download card for a MP3 download of the LP plus five bonus tracks.

The LP is available in various Milwaukee record stores or by sending us a message via our contact page.

Listen to 30 second samples of songs included on the LP

The Prosecutors
Kevn Kinney
Drivin n Cryin

The Prosecutors

Milwaukee's three chord heroes.  The Prosecutors were Kevn Kinney's, of Drivin' n Cryin', first band from 1980-1983.  Kevn cut his song writing and performance teeth in the band with Doug LaValliere (brother of The Haskels and Oil Tasters' bassist Richard LaValliere and The Haskels/Dominoes guitarist Gerard LaValliere)  and Drummer James "Tess" Tessier. They played the now iconic Starship nightclub and other Milwaukee clubs until the band ran out of steam in 1983.  At that point Kevn moved to Atlanta and formed Drivin' n Cryin' and over 30 years later still performs some of The Prosecutor's classics  including Acceleration, Brute Force and Moon Shot.  

Listen to 30 second samples of songs included on the CD